Where we operate

With over 40 years behind us, RPS has always strived to be forward thinking when looking to move containers from the UKs largest trade port and the East of England.


Placed on the cusp of the A12 / A14 corridor we are perfectly placed next to the UKs largest port. Dealing with over 40% of the UK containerised trade, the port handles more than 3.7 million TEU per year, turning round over 3,000 vessels per year, including the largest around due to the deep sea dock.

Around 30 shipping lines operate from the port, offering approximately 90 services spreading far and wide to 400 ports around the world. This network is the driving force behind Felixstowe port playing a pivotal role in the UKs trade movement.

London Gateway

Opened in 2014, London Gateway has been looking to bring the biggest vessels back to London and closer to one of the largest consumer markets in the Western Europe. Offering a innovative approach they have secured big contracts and it is ideally located to offer links to the South and South East of England.

Helping to reduce the carbon footprint and with its three deep water berths the port will be looking to expand greatly going forward being only newly founded.

London Container Terminal

London Container Terminal is now firmly established as a leading purpose-built container terminal. Operations have increased in size in terms of volume, square footage and scale of activities, enabling it to compete successfully in a highly competitive market place and remain the first choice for some of the world’s leading container lines.

12 Leslie Road, Ipswich, Suffolk,  IP3 9PL

We provide our flexible haulage solutions from The Port of Felixstowe, London Gateway & London Container Terminal anywhere Nationwide.